Thursday, June 12, 2008

UKIP and 42 days

The recent UKIP policy document on Criminal Justice Policy says

We regard detention without trial as in improper state of affair
That would explain Bob Spink, UKIP's only MP support for the government in last night's vote to extend the period for locking up terrorist suspects for 42 days without trial.

Watching Prime Minister's questions last night - I couldn't believe that Gordon Brown had the cheek to lecture the Conservatives on the risks of terrorism. It was clear which side won the argument - sadly, they lost the vote because the Prime Minister saw fit to maintain the old Irish tradition of bribing MPs (or TDs) to vote with the government in exchange for supplying their constituencies with cash.


CityUnslicker said...

well they are a bunch of muppets; nice to see the stereotype coming true!

deiseach said...

I'm not going to get into any semantics over the definition of 'bribe', but is there anything wrong with buying an MP's vote, or being bought? This would hardly have been a matter of principle to the DUP - they are longtime supporters of internment without trial and shoot-to-kill - so it wouldn't have taken much for them to vote for it anyway

wonkotsane said...

Can I point you to my post on Bob Spink and his vote in favour of 42 days internment?

I was very disappointed that he voted for it but glad that he felt he could vote against party policy and that he hasn't been censured by the party for doing so.

NeverSurrender said...

It surprises me that there's still people around who believe in the "party politics" and government system. The country is in a state of recession because of those at the top, and still we don't blink an eye.