Thursday, February 14, 2008

Beer and water

They are at it again. This morning I caught an interview with some idiot on the Today programme on the subject of binge drinking and young people - I think said idiot was Kevin Barron MP, but I'm not 100% sure. Said idiot was however advocating increasing the taxes on booze and complaining that water in the supermarkets is more expensive than lager.

I call the guy an idiot for a number of reasons:
  1. It is simply idiotic to suggest that the reason kids are getting drunk is because water is more expensive, which is what is being implied by this comparison.
  2. It is also untrue. The last time I bought Sainsbury's basic water, both still and sparkling 1.5 litre bottles cost 18p. The Sainsbury's basic lager was 22p for what (I think) was a 0.5 litre can. So in fact it would appear that you can by buy three times as much water for 4p less.
  3. Why should I pay more taxes on something because the government is incapable of enforcing its own legislation.
I am getting fed up of the lie - for that's what it is, a lie - that supermarkets are charging more for water than for beer, and that being used as a justification for increasing taxes. Politicans should maybe go and do some research before repeating it (after all, it should take a reasonably bright young researcher on 22k a year about five minutes in Sainsburys to realise it's not true).

Of course expensive waters like Perrier cost more than cheap lager, but expensive beer may cost more than cheap wine.

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Phil A said...

Absolutely! - Oh and don’t forget bottled water is now ‘immoral’ on account of the alleged fact that it is contributing to alleged global warming.

The waffle you caught was probably as a result of impetus provided by the dubious ‘Chair’ of the Department of Health mouthpiece, Health England , Professor Julian le Grand. He advocates banning supermarkets from selling alcohol and has stated the price of alcohol is - and I quote: “disgracefully low" and advocates a "dramatic (presumably tax fuelled) rise", in prices

He also advocates expensive difficult to obtain annually renewable permits for stuff that is perfectly legal, that New-Labour disapprove of such as smoking. Fascism by any other name…