Wednesday, April 25, 2007


The BBC is reporting that the Attorney General has ordered a review of the sentences handed out to the mother, aunts and grandmother who encouraged a two year old and a three year old to hit and punch each other, while filming it and clearly enjoying it. They were each given suspended sentences of up to twelve months.

My darling wife bought a copy of the Sun last weekend to read in the car as we drove up to Manchester (honest, I much prefer the Telegraph) during which she started to read parts of the newspaper's report on the case. In the end, I had to ask her to stop as I was getting very irate at what was being reported - a mood not enhanced by my own little bundle of joy happily burbling away in the back seat at the time.

What really bothered me though was a few pages on there was a report on a guy who had been convicted of cruelty - he was also filming fights in his living room, and was sent to prison for four months. The difference - he was filming dog fights, not toddler fights.

Exactly what sort of a country is it where we send people to prison for cruelty and abuse of animals, but only give suspended sentences where children are involved?


MJW said...

Unfortunately the family in question fit the profile of people whom the Government prefer to appease i.e. reckless and irresponsible. With a bit of wet liberal, morally relativistic, apologism added it’s not hard to see how it is in fact your fault for making them feel bad by taking responsibility for yourself and your family. In fact you should probably have your taxes put up to pay for the chav family to go on holiday where they can reflect on how they’ve been victimised.

Phil A said...

Ah! But they were 'wives' and 'mothers', that's one difference.

Also, I suppose, the children were not actually fighting to the point of death, or injury...