Friday, February 09, 2007


I was away in France last week attending the Cisco Networkers conference in Cannes. No, it wasn't just a jolly on the Med in January, I actually learned something as well.

Coming back, I see David Davis has been warning that a future Conservative government will can ID cards and cancel any contracts for the rolling out of the ID card system. This provoked a cross letter from the head of Intellect complaining that it was unreasonable for the Conservatives to make such a public statement. David Davis has responded with a letter - the full text of which has been published by Conservative Home.

The summary is pretty straight forward - stripped of its political niceties, what Davis is actually saying is "don't threaten me you over paid, under performing, unable to deliver projects on time and on budget bunch of self interested incompetents".

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MJW said...

I can understand why some private sector companies would be annoyed at this, the public sector couldn’t manage a major project like this if it’s frequently self-justifying existence depended on it, as a result a contract for this type of work could provide a long-term cash cow for the companies who get them (assuming they don’t have to spend all their profits making sure their compliant with the Government’s social engineering targets for what a politically correct workforce is meant to look like).