Monday, January 22, 2007

Eric Pickles on Local Government Reorganisation

Eric Pickles, who as well as being as MP for the area is also the Shadow Minister for Local Government has given an interview to the Waendal Journal about the government's proposal for Local Authority Reform.


CityUnslicker said...

what do you think of them? I did not really understand what the benefits would be in reality,

Wibble said...

I admit I haven't had a chance to properly read up on the issue - I simply highlighted the Pickles interview as he's the local MP for Brentwood, rather than as an endorsement of what he was saying.

Frankly though, I mistrust any proposal from this government for restructuring how decisions are made and services run, and I'm not clear on the benefits/issues that are involved that would "require" such a restructuring. Given that in addition it is costing a sum per household about 25% of the average Council Tax though, I can't help suspecting it's just a way for the government to waste more of our money on things we don't need.