Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Labour and marginals

A letter in today's Telegraph reads "I cannot help thinking that the problem with rural post offices is that they are not in marginal Labour seats. ".

Over the weekend, the Telegraph reported that hospitals in Tory seats were twice as likely to be closed as Labour ones.

John Prescott wanted to do massive building programs in parts of Essex and the South East that were as Blue as the sky.

Is there a pattern here?


wonkotsane said...

"Is there a pattern here?"
Does a bear shit in the woods? How else can the champagne socialists win votes other than by vote rigging, gerrymandering and cheating?

Man in a shed said...


When I lived in Aberdeen we won a council seat with one of our YC's as a councillor. Labour then started building council flats in his ward. I wonder why ?