Wednesday, September 06, 2006


It is reported in a leaked memo that Tony Blair wants to do a farewell tour, including appearances on Songs of Praise and Blue Peter before resigning.

This is exactly the reason why I've never had much time for him as Prime Minister - when he was elected in 1997, he told us all about how much work he had to do after 18 years of Tory rule. And yet he felt it was perfectly appropriate to appear on Richard and Judy and denounce the (incoherent) theological pronouncements of the England football manager.

That's not what governing is about - and neither is appearing on Songs of Praise. Either govern, or go into show biz - but this country needs a full time Prime Minister.

The really scary part is you get the impression he spent as much time thinking about Glenn Hoddle's theology as he did about some of the legislation he passed.

I should note that as I write the BBC are reporting that seven junior govetnment ministers have resigned.

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Puppy's Multitasking Dream Brew said...

Hey, do you think we should give Anthony his own TV show after he steps down?