Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Education Education Education!

Last night's Dispatches on Channel 4 was Jon Snow interviewing young Muslims to assess their views on modern Britain. At one point he interviews a group of young men who put forward the conspiracy theory that Princess Diana was murdered to prevent Britain having a Muslim King as the result of her liason with Dodi Al Fayed.

This is a sad reflection on the state of modern British education, which has clearly failed to teach these young men some basic facts on how succession and monarchy works, or the ability to apply knowledge and critical thinking. Or both.

Surely they don't need to be told that any child Diana had with Dodi Al Fayed had no claim to the throne. And I wasn't even educated in England.


Julaybib said...
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Julaybib said...

Well people do get their facts wrong, don't they? For example, the programme was presented by Jon Snow, not Peter. I hardly think your incisive analysis even touches on why this group of people hold such an abberant opinion. Do you really think the National Curriculum is about teaching people how to think? However, it clearly teaches people who belong to certain social classes how to be unbearably patronising.

Wibble said...

Just to acknowledge that I've corrected the name to Jon Snow - that's what I get for writing blogs at 11pm.

I wasn't attempting to analyse the opinions of the young men involved or indeed why they hold them. The posting was meant to be an attack on the state of the National Curriculum if that's what it is failing to teach people.