Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The best way to deal with traffic....

The best way to deal with the fact that you failed a driving test because of the way you reacted to traffic, is to book a test for 9:17 am on a Sunday morning. Yes, apparently it exists.

In extra fun and games, there's a bike race on which means that the high street, and therefore Wilson's Corner, will be closed.

This is in theory a blog about Brentwood, though I've taken to babbling about other stuff as well, and Wilson's Corner is notable for being two things - a really nasty double roundabout at the end of the high street with a turn off to get to the Sainsbury's behind it, and having a great big sign saying "Secret Nuclear Bunker this way" (about three miles past Sainsbury's in fact).

Clearly it isn't that secret.

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