Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Prime Minister fails in his duty....

According to the Sun via
'Gordon Brown WILL stay away from England's crucial Euro 2008 qualifier - amid fears he is jinxed. The PM has been on hand to see our football and rugby teams crash to defeat in recent months. He also saw Scotland get knocked out 2-1 by Italy at Hampden Park on Saturday'
Surely that's failing in his duty as a Scot?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Racism and the political spectrum...

Dizzy correctly draws the comparison between the attitude of the Labour party and the Conservatives over race and the point about racism on the political spectrum.

I annoyed a couple of people last week by pointing out the BNP are not making their strongest gains from the Conservatives, but in traditionally Labour heartlands (such as Tower Hamlets or Barking and Dagenham).

The only thing he's missing is the letter by Norman Tebbit to the Telegraph last year in which he pointed that when you ignored the race issue, in many ways they are hardly right wing. (Note, for some reason I can't find the actual letter on the Telegraphs site - the relevant page for the date is not showing the letter, so I'm using Melanie Phillips' quote).